Intelligent Care Management

From sick care to health care.

Let’s solve problems before they’re problems.

Celeste offers a more proactive and high-touch approach:

  • Care management for multiple risk levels, not just the riskiest
  • A high level of expertise and strong track record with complex care
  • Personalized support, with each member paired with their own nurse case manager

Knowledge is prediction power.

Our healthcare economics scientists leverage unconventional data to better understand complex population health challenges:

  • Members with little-to-no claims history
  • Essential workers with high-turnover jobs
  • Females with high-risk pregnancies
  • Those struggling with health inequity
  • Those predisposed to certain disease states

Celeste will partner with you and your clients to develop targeted population-health strategies to meet specific challenges.

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Our case managers, social workers and pharmacists are all connected behind the scenes with the Accolade team, point solutions partners, and claims and billing specialists for true behind-the-scenes coordination.

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