Next-Generation Engagement and Navigation

Healthcare should be a journey. Not a trip.

Nobody does engagement and navigation better than Accolade. So we’ve teamed up with them to create an offering unlike anything on the market.

We start with data. From every conceivable angle.

  • Attribute data
  • Medical claims data
  • Engageability score
  • Socioeconomic data
  • Language
  • Biometric data
  • Member-provided data
  • Verification of benefits
  • Occupational data
  • Channel preferences
  • Pharmacy data
  • Demographic data
  1. 1. Beginning at onboarding, hundreds of data points are triangulated to create a comprehensive member profile.
  2. 2. We thoroughly evaluate each member’s unique clinical, social and health relationship needs and use advanced data models to rank their next best care options according to expected outcomes, each member’s values and preferences, and the risks, benefits and costs.
  3. 3. This enables our front-line care team to proactively engage and support members with the right care recommendation at the right time.

Member Evaluation


Clinical Risk Index

  • Hypertension
  • Chronic back pain
  • Possible undiagnosed anxiety

Social Risk Index

  • Health professional shortage area

Health Relationship Index

  • Has PCP, but a weak relationship
  • No follow-up care after a recent ER visit

Ranked Interventions

  1. Virtual PCP
  2. MSK Program
  3. Mental health solution
  4. Expert medical opinion

We make comprehensive support second nature.

Our navigation and advocacy approach guides members to the most effective, safe and high-quality care.

  • One front door and intuitive app for total rewards offerings
  • Concierge benefits support and care recommendations
  • A robust provider search tool, including quality and cost estimates
  • Guidance for choice, access and scheduling of higher-value providers
  • Integrated virtual primary care, behavioral health and pharmacy support
  • Expert second medical opinion and decision support
  • Empathy-driven training and care delivery
  • Education and self-care support
  • 24/7 omni-channel support
  • Intercept, inbound and outbound strategies to increase engagement and utilization

We know where to go. Which makes getting there easier.

To help prevent, slow or manage the progression of chronic and complex conditions, we have built end-to-end care pathways with baked-in engagement strategies and health solutions that lead each member to the best care for them. Every step of the way.

  • Cancer
  • MSK
  • Diabetes
  • High-risk pregnancy

Two virtual care solutions. Fewer barriers to access.

Virtual-first primary and mental health care
  • A holistic approach that gives people access to the care they deserve
  • A collaborative model that unifies physicians, mental health professionals and specialists
Expert MD
  • Helps members feel confident with their diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Quick and easy access to a live video consultation within 3-5 days
  • More than 900 top-tier specialists who are experts in their field

We’ve cleared a path. Step forward.

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