Like a breath of fresh healthcare.

Celeste is a first-of-its-kind health innovator made to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges for employers and their workforce.

In every possible way, Celeste makes it better.

By bringing together navigation and advocacy, new engagement strategies, point solutions, care management and medical + Rx data into one complete solution, Celeste can see what others don’t. And then do what others can’t. Curate and connect, coordinate and customize—creating better outcomes and better healthcare experiences—for members, for employers, for you.

How we do it

Celeste is:

  • Expertly curated options
  • Intimately integrated
  • Customized solutions based on needs
  • One-size-fits-one engagement
  • Proactive healthcare driven by data science
  • Access to the largest network and full TPA services
  • A simplified, seamless experience
  • End-to-end follow-through

Instead of:

  • Endless unchecked options
  • Disconnected and dysfunctional
  • Monolithic inflexibility
  • One-size-fits-all uniformity
  • Reactive sick care driven by damage control
  • Separate network and administration
  • “Hold, please.”
  • Lack of follow-up

Three big ideas converge for a total health solution.

Curated and Connected Innovations Hub

An ecosystem of solutions that delivers in more ways than one.

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Next-Generation Engagement and Navigation

The one-size-fits-one, end-to-end solution employees need.

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Intelligent Care Management

Predictive, proactive and population-specific.

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